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March 2017 - To the border and back

At least once a year, a group pedals to the Kansas border and back. This known sufferfest usually happens in March, which in Nebraska, is a truly blustery month where the wind whips, mornings crack with subfreezing cold, but afternoons feel hot in the 70s. This year was no exception. We met up at Meadowlark Coffee on 17th & South and rolled out in the dark, illuminating the quiet streets with brilliant headlamps. The frosty chill required gloves, arm and leg warmers, and several wore jackets.  I did not and tried to drive the pace a little to stay warm.

We took the Homestead Trail to Beatrice, which turns into Standing Bear Trail which takes you right to the Kansas border where it turns into the Blue River Trail.

This was my first big ride of the season, but I'd been doing a lot of "sweet spot" training (Tempo-Threshold steady efforts) in February, so even though I hadn't spent a lot of time on the saddle, I was confident I could do a flattish hundy at endurance…