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February 2017 - Don't try this alone

Mornings in Josh's basement. Take note of the big fan.
If you train indoors, you want one of these. 
I ride a lot in my own basement, but was grateful when Josh, local Star City CX hero, proposed early morning trainer rides twice a week in his basement.

Even when you're self-motivated, being around others with similar goals and positive attitudes gives a big boost. Also, it creates accountability, especially after the start-of-a-new-year-gung-ho-ness wears off and the length of winter dreariness asserts itself.

I found myself looking forward to seeing my friends and on days I didn't feel so excited about stepping out into the cold, I felt like they'd expect me to be there, even if they weren't. Those perceived expectations got my butt out of bed and down the street to that bike and those rollers more days than I care to admit.

My partner in mischief and motos, MFD, also helped keep me on schedule. If I didn't act like I was going, he'd ask, "Don't you have your spin club or something," knowing full well I did and that I would be disappointed in myself later if I didn't go.

There's a video by Machines for Freedom that I like a lot until the very end when the narrator talks about doing it on her own. In my experience that rings a little false. I suppose there a few people who do it all on their lonesome, but it would be difficult and not near so pleasurable.  I don't recommend it. Share the journey with others. They will help you be successful and who knows? Perhaps you can help them achieve their ambitions as well.

FREE // A film by Machines For Freedom from Machines For Freedom on Vimeo.


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