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October 2016 - Hiring a Coach

Coaches can be enormously helpful if you know what you need from them. They offer knowledge, accountability, perspective, encouragement, and support in different doses. The trick is finding a good match with your needs and your budget.

Having used Chris Carmichael's book, The Time Crunched Cyclist, extensively in 2015 and 2016 and been quite happy with the results I decided to work with a coach from Carmichael Training Systems. It might seem odd to pay for a coach when I was happy with the book and am quite knowledgeable about training, but the difference was the starting point.

After surgery, I had been completely off the bike for three months and had a lot of physical therapy to go and felt like I was starting from zero. It wasn't just re-activating existing fitness, it felt like I was rethinking my cycling identity - completely beginning again as a 47-year old woman who wants to race CX at the highest age-group level. At the time, looking at my dismal power numbers in my ba…