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December 2016 - Brrr

Winter in Nebraska can be harsh, especially on those "no-exposed-skin" days. Here you see me and teammate Sara sporting similar looks to get around town. 

Training sessions are restricted to basement rollers. 


October 2016 - Hiring a Coach

Coaches can be enormously helpful if you know what you need from them. They offer knowledge, accountability, perspective, encouragement, and support in different doses. The trick is finding a good match with your needs and your budget.

Having used Chris Carmichael's book, The Time Crunched Cyclist, extensively in 2015 and 2016 and been quite happy with the results I decided to work with a coach from Carmichael Training Systems. It might seem odd to pay for a coach when I was happy with the book and am quite knowledgeable about training, but the difference was the starting point.

After surgery, I had been completely off the bike for three months and had a lot of physical therapy to go and felt like I was starting from zero. It wasn't just re-activating existing fitness, it felt like I was rethinking my cycling identity - completely beginning again as a 47-year old woman who wants to race CX at the highest age-group level. At the time, looking at my dismal power numbers in my ba…

We're starting to think about cyclocross

If you don't know what it is, check out this video about the pro scene from the Global Cycling Network.  We amateurs can only wish for so many tires, bikes, and fantastic venues, but Lincoln and the surrounding region has a lively CX community.  In fact, Iowa City will host a WORLD CUP race this September. If you'd like to learn more about our team, please message us on Facebook. To learn more about CX and how to do it, get connected with Star City CX. This organization puts on some training races in the fall and has skills clinics at the start of the season for new riders.