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Jingle Cross 2015 Mud Fest

In my experience, Jingle Cross is either mud or frozen mud.  This year was no different.  Warmish temperatures made for a festival of mud.  This, on top of three days of formidable courses and large field sizes, put GPCTCX racers to their toughest test yet.

Emmett "Just finished the last race of the cyclocross season. Jingle Cross was an epic way to finish the season. Thanks to all of the good friends and teammates that made this season a total blast!"
Emmett made the most of his handling skills in the huge cat 4 fields and finished 34th on Friday night, then moving into the top 25 for Saturday and Sunday.  
Licki "Jingle Cross was muddy and nasty and hard and a hell of a lot of fun. Despite being frozen (my first race was scheduled right after sunset and I didn't expect the temperature to just drop like that) and a panicked few minutes in the pit clawing mud and grass from my general derailleur area, and some dropped chains all around... It was a really fun course …