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I am the assistant director of innovative instructional design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where my focus is on helping faculty, departments, and colleges leverage technology for teaching and learning.  I also teach Design Thinking 110, which focuses on a generalized design process made popular by IDEO and which helped Shimano turn its cycling-related business around.

I am also a relapsed former bike racer.  I raced heavily in road and cyclocross from 2007-2010 working my way up to category 1 in both disciplines before turning my attention to a less intense schedule during 2011-12.  In 2013, I decided to become a former bike racer and rode a bike only for commuting, while focusing all my attention on career advancement.

This year, I began to enjoy riding again, spending some time doing road-based group rides.  I enjoyed those and realized how much I missed the people and cyclocross, so proposed the GPCTCX to Angela and Goldenrod Pastries CX was launched.  It's been amazingly fun riding with the team and I am so grateful to Goldenrod Pastries and Monkey Wrench Cycles for their support for this project.  Without it, I don't think I'd be back on the bike and I know I wouldn't be making the trip this January to North Carolina for Masters Nationals with my dear mother, Nancy, who will also be racing!  Please stay tuned for more blog posts about our journey.

Flatwater Cyclocross, Lincoln, NE - 2015


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Dirty Kanza 200: 1% At A Time

If you’re into gravel riding, you’ve heard of the Dirty Kanza. You’ve heard stories of beautiful landscapes in East Central Kansas, you’ve heard of amazing people, and you’ve heard of mental and physical perseverance like you’ve never experienced. And after my first try of the Dirty Kanza, I can tell you the stories are true. The Flint Hills of Kansas are uniquely beautiful, the people of Emporia are unbelievably kind, and I had to dig to a level inside myself that I’ve never experienced before. My Dirty Kanza journey started on a cold January morning where I was continuously clicking refresh on to try to snag one of the coveted 1300 positions for the 200 mile event. As 8am hit I was already clicking through to the checkout page in hopes of getting a position. 2000 total positions sold out in a record 8 minutes and I was very fortunate to have snagged one of them. Within 2 hours the excitement had worn off and the first thought of ‘Oh no, what have I done’ set in. By the ti…

Goldenrod Pastries Cyclocross Team aims to spread CX love with newer racers

In a bid to spread the love of cyclocross, pastries, and living well in general, local pastry chef and bakery owner, Angela Garbacz joined forces with Sydney Brown and Monkey Wrench Cycles to form a small sponsored racing team for the 2015 cyclocross season. 

The premise of the team is that by giving these newer cyclocross racers a concentrated boost of support in terms of equipment, racecraft, and social support, we will help spread cyclocross and cycling faster because of a few key characteristics:  
Newer racers  tend to have an infectious enthusiasm for the sport They may be more relatable to non- and new cyclists than elite racers Their social networks are not yet saturated with other racers and committed cyclists
“Podium pictures don’t bring in new riders, friendliness and fun does,” Brown said.
Because the group is based in Lincoln, Nebraska where Brown, and Garbacz already have extensive contacts, the two looked for applicants who were active in social media and whose networks had…

We're starting to think about cyclocross

If you don't know what it is, check out this video about the pro scene from the Global Cycling Network.  We amateurs can only wish for so many tires, bikes, and fantastic venues, but Lincoln and the surrounding region has a lively CX community.  In fact, Iowa City will host a WORLD CUP race this September. If you'd like to learn more about our team, please message us on Facebook. To learn more about CX and how to do it, get connected with Star City CX. This organization puts on some training races in the fall and has skills clinics at the start of the season for new riders.