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New Season, New Goals

My name is Paul Gebers, I got into racing 2 years ago and have been loving it ever since. Last year was my first time ever racing Cyclocross. I had a blast and I loved the thrill of the races. I never really had any expectations going into those races. I was just there to have fun. By my second race I had surprised myself with a 6th place finish. At that point I realized that if I applied myself and maybe even trained in specific areas of improvement that I could win a race. Instead of creating a plan, braking it down into reasonable goals and holding myself to it, I just floated through the season going from one race to the next. I did ok, but as I reflected on the season I realized that I could have improved in many ways.

This year will be my second season of Cyclocross!! I am absolutely thrilled to be riding with the Goldenrod  Pastries team this year. I look forward to having support from teammates so that I can grow as a rider. For this season I have two goals for my racing. the first is I want to get really comfortable at taking fast corners. I have been timid thus far going around tight corners; and rightfully so because I don't have a cross bike, I do these races on a road bike with skinny tires with little tread. I think that may change soon but until then I will continue to work on cornering with or without a cross bike.

My other goal for this season is to work on staying focused even when I get very tired. I have noticed that I tend to loose focus or think about how much my legs burn instead of concentrating on the course in front of me and I usually end up choosing sloppy lines. This will be hard to practice outside of races because I usually don't push myself to this kind of level of exhaustion in practices but I want to be more mindful of it as I race. If I can consistently meet these goals then I would be happy whether I'm getting 15th or first. Though I feel that podium finishes will come with these goals if I consistently meet them. All in all I am super excited to get racing and look forward to riding with some really cool teammates!


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