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Flatwater Cycling Cyclocross Weekend 2015

"The cyclocross community is insanely supportive and fun! This is further enhanced by being the team known for its delicious pastries. Thanks to practice rides in Wilderness Park, I'm was definitely more comfortable and feeling in more control of my bike during this race. Definitely have a long way to go in improving as a cyclist but am stoked for the ride and feel so fortunate to be a part of the team!" - Michelle

"Felt like cobblestones." - Sara on Friday's race course conditions

"This race weekend was doughnuts. I had 4 doughnuts for breakfast on Saturday and doughnut hand ups at the race. I could feel the doughnut flowing through my veins feeding my urge to ride circles in spandex in a park. Guess what? Someone brought doughnuts on Sunday too! Here we go again. Life is doughnuts."  - Emmett

"Totally over-cooked a corner.  Kaitlin smartly made the most of it, putting in a gap I was unable to close." - Sydney on Saturday's W1/2/3 race

Roster and Schedule for Flatwater Twilight Cyclocross - Lincoln, NE

This weekend marks three days of racing beginning tonight.  The #GPCTCX roster is as follows.  Come on out and see us!

5:45 PM - Women Open, Sara

 12:45 PM - Women 3/4 - Licki , Amy
2:30 PM - Women 1/2/3, Sydney
3:30 PM - Men 4/5, Russell, Emmett


 12:45 PM - Women 3/4 - Michelle, Licki , Amy, Rachel, Sara
2:30 PM - Women 1/2/3, Sydney
3:30 PM - Men 4/5, Russell, Emmett


I am the field director for Nebraska Appleseed and  have been cycling independently for about a year and a half. I am looking to meet more awesome women who share the passions I do and become part of a larger community around the sport. I also had the opportunity to watch my friend race cyclocross last fall, and I made it my goal then to try it this year. 

From team manager and director, Sydney: "Cyclocross suits Rachel.  In the two races she's done so far, she's placed 4 out of 8, and then in her second race, which was a slippery muddy affair, she made the podium for third in a field of 10!"

Sydney 2015

I am the assistant director of innovative instructional design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where my focus is on helping faculty, departments, and colleges leverage technology for teaching and learning.  I also teach Design Thinking 110, which focuses on a generalized design process made popular by IDEO and which helped Shimano turn its cycling-related business around.

I am also a relapsed former bike racer.  I raced heavily in road and cyclocross from 2007-2010 working my way up to category 1 in both disciplines before turning my attention to a less intense schedule during 2011-12.  In 2013, I decided to become a former bike racer and rode a bike only for commuting, while focusing all my attention on career advancement.

This year, I began to enjoy riding again, spending some time doing road-based group rides.  I enjoyed those and realized how much I missed the people and cyclocross, so proposed the GPCTCX to Angela and Goldenrod Pastries CX was launched.  It's been amaz…


I am a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at UNL studying alcohol and sexual violence. I grew up in San Diego, which likely has had an influence on my love of sunshine, large bodies of water, and street tacos.

With the exception of a brief stint in middle school when I learned to ride a bike to fill the critical need of transportation to the local community pool, my life had been bicycle-less until about 2 years ago, when I somewhat whimsically decided on commuting to campus (this initially involved a lot of braking on any downward slope for fear of dying). After a while, commuting just wasn’t enough – especially after joining a friend for part of RAGBRAI this year and absolutely loving it.

Cyclocross sounded intimidating at first (see above for relative recency of cycling and associated lack of skills), but also really fun! After watching a race and meeting some of the team I saw how supportive the cx community is and thought this would be an awesome opportunity to stretch the bou…

New Season, New Goals

My name is Paul Gebers, I got into racing 2 years ago and have been loving it ever since. Last year was my first time ever racing Cyclocross. I had a blast and I loved the thrill of the races. I never really had any expectations going into those races. I was just there to have fun. By my second race I had surprised myself with a 6th place finish. At that point I realized that if I applied myself and maybe even trained in specific areas of improvement that I could win a race. Instead of creating a plan, braking it down into reasonable goals and holding myself to it, I just floated through the season going from one race to the next. I did ok, but as I reflected on the season I realized that I could have improved in many ways.

This year will be my second season of Cyclocross!! I am absolutely thrilled to be riding with the Goldenrod  Pastries team this year. I look forward to having support from teammates so that I can grow as a rider. For this season I have two goals for my racing. the…

Oakley Nite Cap Cross

This last weekend, Emmett, Russell, and Sydney went to Des Moines for two days of Oakely Nite Cap Cross. The course was a labyrinth-like affair making quite difficult to get to the front group if racers weren't in the front two starting rows, or to recover position if anything went awry. The men cat 4 and the women 1/2/3's went off after dark on Saturday. Emmett took 42nd and Russell suffered a flat. Sydney put her flying skills on display with a dramatic endo on the second to last lap. Sunday's daytime races went better. Sydney stayed with the front group until knocking off her chain, eventually finishing 9th after getting out-sprinted for 8th by the speedy Amy from Freestate Women's Cycling. Emmet and Russell finished 25th and 27th respectively. All three racers engaged in spectator outreach and appreciation by snagging as many hand-ups as possible, from two-dollar bills, to underpants, to refreshing beverages in the men's race. 

Check out a f…


Another one of our experienced riders, but is fairly new to CX.

I have been riding bikes since I was 4 years old. I grew up near Fort Collins Colorado and spent much of my youth mountain biking on trails like Horsetooth and the Devils backbone trail. After moving to Nebraska in high school I did not really ride bikes until moving to Lincoln where I bought a Surly Crosscheck in 2011 to commute on. The Crosscheck is the bike that reignited my passion for cycling.

I commuted on it for four years while going to school at UNL. After graduating and getting my first post graduation job, I had free nights to do what ever I wanted so I began riding with a few friends several nights a week and they introduced me to cyclocross last year.

I was addicted instantly. I went to every single race I could get my hands on. I have met an enormous number of great people who are passionate about cycling and have made some great friendships along the way. After cyclocross last year I raced some …